About our Summer Sailing Camp

Did you know that Aldershot Village is home to a vibrant waterfront sailing and boating community? Located at the foot of Lasalle Park Rd, the Burlington Sailing & Boating Club is a not-for-profit volunteer organization providing water recreation for residents of Burlington and surrounding areas. This year the marina at Lasalle Park will have a newly installed wave break wall providing greater protection to the docks and boats within the marina. Dinghy sailboats are stored on land in a fenced compound.

Sailing is a lifelong sport which develops leadership skills, teamwork, decision making and problem solving, and friendships that can last a lifetime. A sailing experience is different each time you go out as wind and wave conditions are never the same. That’s a big part of the fun! Club members organize weekend cruises, regattas, and twice weekly sailboat racing from May until the end of September. And, as part of our outreach to the community, the Club operates a sail school during July and August for youth from age 5  to 18 and for adults wishing to learn to sail a dinghy or keel boat. The BS&BC sail school is a Sail Canada certified teaching centre. Instructors follow the CanSail program for dinghies. It is a set of progressive learn-to-sail courses focused on providing a solid foundation of core sailing skills. Instructors are CanSail certified.  From day one, students are in boats under the watchful eyes of our coaches. Sailors aged 5 to 8 start in the introductory Wet Feet program. Conducted within the calm waters of the marina wave break, these young sailors practice in Optomist Prams, a very stable single sail dinghy. Youth aged 9 onward follow CanSail programs 1 to 4 depending on their skill level. These are two or four week programs in Echos or 420’s, dinghies with two or three sails where students develop their skills on the protected waters of the Bay. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of each level. Adult dinghy sailing courses are held in the evenings and the keel boat courses are given over two weekends. 

Whether you want to sail around the Bay or sail the world, we have a program to get you on the water.  Learn to sail without owning a boat! Come learn with us! You do not have to be a Club member to do so.  For more information about the Burlington Sailing & Boating Club visit  burlbay.com or to learn about kids summer camps visit this page.